Rhombus DIN-RCE-AHR16-E Crestron Home Driver


The Rhombus DIN-RCE-AHR16-E module is a versatile and powerful component designed for seamless integration with Crestron Home systems. This module provides extensive capabilities, including:

  • Network Connectivity: Equipped with 1 Ethernet 10/100 port for reliable network communication.

  • Relay Outputs: Features 12 relay outputs, each capable of handling up to 230V/10A, ideal for controlling a variety of electrical devices and systems.

  • Serial Communication: Includes 3 RS232 and 2 RS485 ports, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and enabling robust serial communication.

  • Digital Inputs and Outputs: Offers 24 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs, allowing for extensive sensor integration and control possibilities.

  • Temperature Sensor Inputs: Supports 8 1-wire temperature sensor inputs, providing precise environmental monitoring capabilities.

  • Analog and PWM Outputs: Provides 4 analog outputs (0-10V) and 8 PWM outputs, facilitating fine control of lighting, HVAC, and other systems.

With its comprehensive feature set, the DIN-RCE-AHR16-E module enhances automation and control within any smart home or building automation environment, ensuring efficient operation and a superior user experience.

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